First Katrin Testblog

Katrin HandstandBeing my own inputter into my own website is a little bit like standing on my hands, as my talents, i.e. hands lie elsewhere. However, if I can master this new skill, I am the mistress of my own little webuniverse – Ha! Power is work 😈 , delegation means other people work, but control is thrill too. I guess in every venture we’re called upon to weigh our options. Which aspect of our life and work needs our full-on, hands on, and where do we relax our desire for overall control to let other people do for us what they clearly do better than we do? Unless we organize our life such that we CAN be in control of every thing, these questions need to be answered. I find it takes honest assessment of one’s skillset, an equally hard look at one’s neuroses, and then weigh where the benefit is greatest, and the pain is least.