Current Projects

by Jennifer Houlton

How do survivors cope in the aftermath of a school shooting?
And who are the people spreading the hate that leads to the violence?
Is this the world that we’re forced to live in?
If so, what happens to the explosion of grief and anger left behind…

“And the stillness. And other things that day. The breeze outside the Texas hill town school, the foxes and the rabbits up curiously from their hutches standing in the
wildflowers wondering why so many big bodies were re standing in large strange groups. So Still. Like frightened trees.”

T.E.A.R.S. Dramatic Voices: the Ego Actus Reading Series

Beth Thomas – Delissa Reynolds*
Nico Thomas – Jaylon Jamal Mobley
Kelly Wehl – Ali Arkane*
Mike Danner – Mike Keller*
Emma X – Taylor Plas*
Bill Thursda – Nelson Avidon*
Edna Davies – TBD
Stage Directions

*member of AEA

Venues & Dates:
Episcopal Actors Guild 1 East 29th St, NYC 10016The New York
Sunday, March 24th, 2024 @8pm, followed by a talkback.

Reading is free of charge. Reservations HERE!

Photo: Maxim Hopman Unsplash