Current Projects

Hillary and Clinton
by Lucas Hnath

In an alternate universe light-years away from our own is a planet called Earth. And living on this other Earth is a woman named Hillary. Hillary is trying to become the president of a country called the United States of America. It’s 2008 and she’s campaigning in a state called Iowa. She’s not doing very well in the polls. She needs more money to keep the campaign going, so she calls her husband for help. He offers her a deal, a tough deal, but when she gets his help, she gets more than she bargained for.

Ethics and the Theatre reading series

Date: November 11 & December 11, 2022

Location: New York Society for Ethical Culture, 2 West 64th Street, NYC
Time: 7pm & 1.30pm
Running time: 60 minutes

Cast: Susanna Frazer* (Hillary), Mark Hofmaier* (Bill), CK Allen (Barack), Daniel Damiano (Mark), Bonnie Bean (Stage Directions)
* member of AEA


by Kate Katcher

Margot Lane is the aging star of stage and screen who, surviving years of disappointment, has been left with an abject terror of commitment. So, when she finally meets the man of her dreams, she finds herself doing everything she can to sabotage the relationship before it can hurt her.  Flanked by her caring daughter, hilarious son-in-law and a sincere but too-tempting healthcare worker, Margot has to hit bottom before she can open herself up to happiness.

Playwright Directors Unit of the Actors Studio 

Date: December 7th, 2022

Location: The Actors Studio New York, 432 West 44th Street, NYC
Time: 6pm
Running time: 90 Minutes

Cast: Sachi Parker* (Margot), Scott Klavan* (Jeremy), Judy Jerome* (Katherine), Stephen Dexter* (Lloyd), Mike Sharits (Todd),  Brooke Vianey (Stage directions) 
* member of AEA