Current Projects

The Clowns
a new play in development by Gino Dilorio

Adeline and Phinny have been clowns together for many years, a couple on and off the circus stage. But time waits for no man, and a new clown joining their circus shakes up their old ways. Gino’s play is funny, sweet, wistful, with strong, proud characters. I am very much looking forward to this first reading, an expansion of the short Clowns Alley  I directed in 2018.
Photo: Andrea Phox

“Bunch of crazy people running this thing. The riggers, the wires, even the front yard people, that’s the real freak show.   All that stuff about people running away with the circus, it’s all true.  Everybody running away from something.  Or somebody.” (Phinny)

Reading series of the Playwright Directors Unit of the Actors Studio, NYC. 

Stella Pulo* – Adeline
Scott Klavan* – Phinny
Ocean M. Harris – Demarius
Maximilian McDonald – Stage Directions
*member of the Actors Studio

Venues & Dates:
The Actors Studio, 432 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036
May 1st, 2024

Photo: Andrea Phox