Current Projects


Creating a “Character” with the body.

Berlin Opera Academy, July 24 & 25, August 21 & 22, 2023

A workshop for emerging opera singers, to empower them for working on the stage.

An opera role, Violetta, Count Almaviva, Despina, are not only the words you sing, the score of the orchestra, but the story of a person is also told with your body.
How does this person hold herself, how do they move, how do they physically respond to the world?

The goal of the 2.5hr. workshop sessions is to find  and build a character from inside the body, offering tools to lay the physical groundwork for “character” before any first scenic rehearsals with a director.

It is a framework that is flexible to changes that a director may want, but it will enable the performer to have something to offer, when rehearsals begin, so that it can grow and evolve over the rehearsal process, culminating in a fully rounded musical, scenic performance with you truly embodying the character.

Requirement: Bring an aria or role that you are NOT currently in rehearsals. Bring shoes, an item of clothing or a prop that signifies the character for you.

Come warmed up vocally, wear comfortable clothes and be ready to move.

This workshop is the first in a series I am currently developing, adding teaching to my skill set as a natural progression of directing and mentoring.