When the Party’s Over

by Glory Kadigan
Performed: - 432 West 44th Street New York, New York 10036, Aug 09, 2022

Reading for the Playwright Directors Unit of the Actors Studio, of which I’m a member.

Broadway actress Anna is on a birthday cruise with her mother Adrianna, who had to transform herself from an aspiring writer to marriage material after her mother Anna Rose was found dead under suspicious circumstances. Three versions of family history are told, all the while the world is ending, finally succumbing to our waste.


Donna Vivino*  – Anna
Margaret Ladd* – Adrianna
Jill Shackner* – Anna Rose
David Anzuelo* – Dean
Justin Sams* – Mark
Peter Reznikoff* – Captain Lars

Vinny Eden Ortega – Stage Directions

* Courtesy of AEA