We Are Now

by Bob Jude Ferrante with Next Stage Company
Performed: - 210 East 43rd Street, NYC, Oct 27 - Nov 17, 2012

All government functions have been taken over by private enterprise, the Ministry LLC, which is primarily interested in keeping things calm and orderly. Everybody, whether straight, gay, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, traditional, freewheeling, gets to live in their specific “Center of Choice” with like-minded people. No discrimination, just segregation, following the motto of  “being with your own kind makes you feel good“. Only one little ragtag group, armed with the words of Thomas Jefferson and some fancy ideas of commingling, put a spike into this well-structured wheel.

1984 meets farce, We Are Now is a tongue-in-cheek look at what “Freedom for All” in combination with the mindset of “I’m not comfortable with you” gets us. Of course the good guys win. Or almost.

A wonderful cast, Sanctuary Playwrights Next Stage ensemble, which worked and trained together, discussed questions of freedom, its limitations and its complexities for several months, and finally, with Bob Jude Ferrante, whipped up a frothy zany comedy with some serious undertones.

Photos and video: Bob Jude Ferrante