The Nightingale Rose or The Bitch of Balaclava

by Patricia Henritze
Performed: - 357 West 36th Street, NYC, Oct 17, 2016

Modern, physical, ensemble-inspired and dynamic, The Bitch of Balaclava leads us through a reimagined world that moves fluidly between Victorian London and the Crimean War, the two worlds often colliding in mid-scene. From the opening monologue when we discover Florence Nightingale’s visceral passion for science, we walk with her through the tragedy of war, the stultifying life of London society and her struggle to find an end to suffering. Episodic, yet narrative, statistically precise, yet evocative, the piece reminds us of the human price of war. The structure of the play combines passionate letters, farcical scenes filled with laugh-out-loud humor and direct address lectures. The play also highlights one-on-one, intimate exchanges against a backdrop of overwhelming war and death.


Florence: Katie Wilson*

Mary/Parthe: Rachel Halper

Mrs. Nightingale: Anne Fizzard*

Sir John/Colonel: Oliver Conant*

Mac/Herbert et al.: Chris Daftsios*

* courtesy of AEA