The Endless April

by Yaroslava Pulinovich
Performed: - 79 E 4th Street, NYC, Aug 09, 2022

In an enormous apartment in Leningrad an old man lies dying.

While he is still alive the apartment is sold. Russian history has happened to Venya, his mother, wife, daughter, now granddaughter, and he has seen it all, suffered it all, from the early times of the Soviet Union to today.

A very personal Russian Ark, melancholy, drastic and sad and wonderful.


Venya: Ean Sheey*

Mother: Jacqueline Antaramian*

Galya: Leigh Wade*

Lyuba: Jeanne Lauren Smith*

Woman on the train: Carey van Driest*

Granddaughter Galya/Stage directions: Zoe van Tieghem*

* Courtesy of AEA