The Brothers Khan: An American Story

by George Pfirrmann
Performed: - 344 East 1st Avenue, NYC, Aug 15 - Aug 18, 2018

Brothers Dzhabrail and Rustam, Muslim immigrants to America, have grown apart. While Rustam struggles and has been drawn into a jihadist cell, Dzhabrail has settled in but has lost touch with his religion. When he invites Rustam over to repair the relationship, he accepts, but for a very different reason that threatens to destroy them both.

The play by San Francisco based writer George Pfirrmann explores the traumatic underpinnings that often underly violent acts, even if they seem to come under the guise of religious fervor.

Rustam – Max Beckmann
Dzhabrail – Almir Kurtic
Susan – Malka Wallick
Yana – Rachel Halper


Direction  – Katrin Hilbe +
Dramaturgy – Laura Lundy
Scenic/Projection/Lighting Design – Colleen Shea
Sound Design – Andy Evan Cohen
Costume Design – Maggie Whitaker
Stage Management – Lisa Erin Stafford*

+ member of SDC
* courtesy of AEA

Production: AnnaBell Productions

Photography:  Emily Hewitt


"We are left, as is our protagonist, Rustam, asking God for forgiveness, mercy and guidance through a painful and complex labyrinth. We too create our own cycles of intolerance and are often unable to celebrate the brotherhood of mankind. In Hilbe's hands, Pfirrmann's play is both arresting and wrenching."
Rachel de Aragon, Berkshire Fine Arts

"Hilbe's clarity keeps the focus on the impending decision. Violence awaits. The heavy duffel, which Rustam tells his brother contains gym weights is discreetly ignored in the corner of the dining room. In a context of repeated emotional surprise, Hilbe maintains perfect pace and timing."
Rachel de Aragon, Berkshire Fine Arts