by Sam Graber
Performed: - 312 West 36th Street, NYC, Aug 09, 2022

On a sunny weekday afternoon, Jim Bender sees a teenage boy lurch towards the entrance of the local high school, two shotguns beneath a trench coat. In a moment’s decision Jim brandishes his own firearm, stopping a shooter-massacre before it happens. Jim Bender is a hero. But as more of the story comes to light, this truth becomes a lot less clear-and that is not what people need it to be.

Are today’s shooter-massacres the result of a destabilized male identity? What does it mean to “be a man” today?


Jim:  Ean Sheehy*

Troy:  James Armstrong*

Ben-David:  Michael Gnat*

Alan:  CK Allen

Theresa:  Annemarie Hagenaars

Gavin:  Adam Perabo

Various Voices & Stage Directions:  Anne Fizzard*

* courtesy of AEA