Salome – 2012

by Richard Strauss
Performed: - 801 N.Rampart Street, Mar 02 - Mar 04, 2012

Best Opera Production 2012” of the Big Easy Classical Arts Award!

Richard Strauss’ Salome, the story of violent misguided passions, be it of the tetrarch Herod for his nubile step-daughter Salome, the captain Narraboth for same princess, the page for the captain, the girl for the prophet Jochanaan, and the prophet for his God.

No wonder somebody’s head lands on a platter!

Salome: Mlada Khudoley, Jochanaan: Ryan McKinney

Photography: Tom Grosscup


“Katrin Hilbe directed the production. Excellent blocking helped tell the story, and her fast pace kept the audience’s attention as the demented characters raced towards their fateful ends. The work is known for Strauss’ use of leitmotifs (essentially theme songs for each character,) and Hilbe does an excellent job of syncing the players’ physical movements with their distinct melodies.”
Ian Hoch, NoLa Defender

“Stage director Katrin Hilbe matched Lyall’s vision of building tension from the moment the curtain rises. Movement was fluid without being excessively busy, nor did it ever remain dully static. Hilbe has a particularly good eye for composition, arranging the stage tableaux like a painting. As such, she kept the audience’s focus precisely where she wanted it to be.”
Thomas P. Mahne, The Times-Picayune