Quality Time

by Ben Alexander
Performed: - 312 West 36th Street, NYC, Aug 09, 2022

Out of the blue, a guy shows up in the middle of the night at his old school chum’s apartment to whisk him off for that road trip of adventure and enchantment that they planned when they were kids–so goes the insane plot of “The Road Trip,” Herb’s most ridiculous play yet. Herb is sure that Curtis, artistic director of Avenue C Rep, will agree to produce it once he hears it read, and the actors have shown up for the reading even though Curtis told him no.  But there’s an even bigger problem now: where’s Herb? “Quality Time” is an ode to that staple of small theatre, the artistic director/company pain-in-the-@$$ relationship.

Curtis: Galen Murphy-Hoffman*
Julie: Jody Prusan*
Ken: James Armstrong*
Marty: Kyle Minshew*
Sarah: Mary Lauren*
Chloe: Briana Sakamoto*
Mrs. Flanders: Lucy McMichael*
Bob: Brian Patterson
* Courtesy of AEA