Mary the Third

by Rachel Crothers
Performed: - New York City, Nov 14 - Dec 07, 2008

A dramatic comedy about three generations of “Marys” trying to choose the right man. Two generations ended in unhappy marriages, will “Mary the Third” succeed?

An unsparing look at love and its pitfalls by the most famous woman playwright on Broadway in the twenties.


"While the presentation has rudimentary production values, Katrin Hilbe, putting the emphasis on Crothers' words, directs an able cast, with the younger players especially strong. Malinoski's Mary is vitally warm and sensitive as she matures before our eyes, attractive throughout in Meredith Neal's nifty '20s costumes. Her competitive beaux do very well and are nicely contrasted, with Dunn as the always practical one and Deleget as the ever idealistic dreamer. And, according to Crothers, whom do you think gets the girl?"
Karl Levett, Backstage