In Bed with Roy Cohn

by Joan Beber
Performed: - 410 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036, Aug 25 - Oct 04, 2015

An amazing ride into the craziness that is Roy Cohn on his deathbed. With the most wondrous cast and creative team, we were able to create an all encompassing theatrical experience. I’m proud of our work, proud of the work achieved!


Roy Cohn – Christopher Daftsios

Lisette/Company – Rebeca Fong

Dora Cohn/Company – Marilyn Sokol

Barbara Walters/Company – Lee Roy Rogers

Julius Rosenberg/Company – Ian Gould

Ronnie Reagan/Company – Nelson Avidon

Serge/Company – Serge Thony

Young Roy – Andy Reihnhardt

Courtesy of AEA

Creative Team:

Direction: Katrin Hilbe

Choreography: Lisa Shriver

Scenic Design: Sarah Edkins

Projection & Lighting Design: Gertjan Houben

Costume Design: Karen Ann Ledger

Original Music & Sound Design: Andy Evan Cohen

Casting: Stephanie Klapper Casting

General Manager: Perry Street Theatricals

Production Stage Manager: Katie Kavett

Photography: Russ Rowland, courtesy of Undercover Productions


Director Katrin Hilbe, who has as much experience directing opera as she does theatre, takes the piece in a very unconventional direction. This is one high-energy spectacle: it is far more of a performance art piece than a ‘well made’ play. (...) This is not a play for everyone. It yanks viewers out of their comfort zone, a roughhouse art approach that owes more than a little to the ‘anything goes’ experimental theatre of the 1960s (take a bow, The Living Theatre). But for those who like their theater without seat belts it is definitely worth the ride.
Paul Dervis, The Arts Fuse

Katrin Hilbe directs it all with the precision of a ballet master, the actors leaping across stage, hustling in and out of new costumes (stylish and essential design by Karen Ann Ledger). Gertjan Houben's projections illuminate key moments and add to the overall schizophrenic feel of the mise-en-scène. Everything is executed flawlessly.
Zachary Stewart, Theatermania

Director Katrin Hilbe has turned this into an absurdist funhouse mirror of a show. In Bed With Roy Cohn will not appeal to all people, with it’s stream of consciousness story line, but those are willing to take the journey will be rewarded., What's on Off Broadway

Director Hilbe in her staging makes the relationships not only interactive but hyperactive to underline Cohn's state of mind.The play is staged with surround sound and action happening everywhere. In the theatre's aisles, characters watch and react to the scene as we do. We are not only drawn into the drama, we are in the grasp of its tentacles.
Susan Hall, Berkshire Fine Arts

Katrin Hilbe directed Beber’s new show, creating a spectacle for the entire 90 minute performance. The set, lighting, and sound worked together to complete the vision for Hilbe’s directorial showcase.
Talia Edelheit, The Knockturnal Review