by John Patrick Shanley
Performed: - Schwefelstrasse 14, Vaduz, Rämistrasse 62, Färbergasse 15, Sep 11 - Sep 23, 2017

Co-production between ManyTracks Inc. and Schlösslekeller, Vaduz (Liechtenstein).

SAVAGE IN LIMBO translated into alemannic dialect, with a cast from Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland.

5 almost young people in search of their life and happiness.

How to go about it when you never were taught how to think about things? And what´s with other people? And the world? And who except me cares about me?


Murk: Nicolas Biedermann

Anni Wyss (April White): Susanna Hasenbach

Tony Aronica: David Kieber

Linda Rotunda: Simone Loser

Denise Wild (Denise Savage): Jessica Matzig

Creative Team:

Direction & Translation: Katrin Hilbe

Scenic & Lighting design: Uwe Belzner

Assistant Direction: Anna Wössner

Photography: Martin Walser


"For those who don't want to conveniently avoid a harsh reckoning with pink ballon slogans such as "My home, how lovely are you" should go see the fantastically directed and acted wild ride into the abyss of human lost souls."
Klaus Koppe, Liechtensteiner Volksblatt

"Convincing. Monday night the Schlösslekeller Production Fägfüür opened the first half of the 2017/2018 season. A production by the Liechtenstein director Katrin Hilbe that moves you on many levels. 'I enjoy working in Liechtenstein', says Katrin Hilbe, who lives in New York. 'There's a sizeable talent pool here.' The five actors prove this without a doubt. Their expressions underpinning the words, the energy of their presence, and the talent with which they drew in the entire audience, are absolutely convincing. She really enjoyed showing her work in her home country, Hilbe says: ' The audience is very receptive.' And it is interested: Opening night was sold out. The message the audience should take home with them is the following, according to Katrin Hilbe: 'It's important never to forget your fellow man, and switch out egoism with empathy.'"
Bettina Stahl-Frick, Liechtensteiner Vaterland