Die Fledermaus

by Johann Strauss
Performed: - Äussere Dorfstrasse 26, CH-3718 Kandersteg, Jul 23 - Jul 22, 2021

Berlin Opera Academy is a summer academy for young international opera singers who wish to start their professional careers in the German world of opera. I had the best time directing and mentoring in 2019 (See DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE), and DIE FLEDERMAUS was no different, except that the entire operation was moved from Berlin to the alpine village Kandersteg in Switzerland. What COVID considerations will make you do… it was brave, a bit crazy, and wonderful in equal measure.

Set in Berlin in the 1990s, shortly after the fall of the Berlin wall, the time where normality seemed upended for some: raves and conventions coexist uneasily. The Eisensteins are a bourgeous couple, bored of their lives but very attached to the optics of propriety. The party at “Prince Orlovsky”´s house is avidly welcomed by both husband and wife, but of course with very different objectives.
Who would take their spouse to a rave? You never know who you might run into…

: Tom Seligman

Language coach: Gerhard Gall
Costume Supervisor: Alexa Moore
Scenic and Props Design: Chinook Perrut
Lighting: Eszter Johanna Barta, Matt Hagestuen
Costume Design: Curtis Oland
Assistant Directors: Elfi Wallisser
Stage Management: Caroline-Michele Uy, Isabela Siscari Campos

Rosalinde Eisenstein – Hollie-AnneClark, Barbara Jop
Gabriel Eisenstein – Marc Gris, Andrei Maksimov
Prince Orlovsky – Anna Roth
Dr. Falke – Rajiv Cerezo Chugani, Sullivan Oiala-Helmboldt
Alfred – Grega Jezšek
Adele – Beatrice Gomez, Mariana Ruvalcaba
Frank – Hemi Levinson, Thomas Long
Dr. Blind – Charles Aurand
Frosch/Ida – Erica Bianca Faria, Catherine Gispert

Photos: Screenshots from Video by Matt Hagestuen, adapted by Michel Chrabieh. Sequence Act 3 – Act 1.