Danton’s Death – Take 1

by Georg Büchner, translated by Katrin Hilbe from the German original.
Performed: - New York City, Aug 09, 2022

In my own new translation of Georg Büchner´s first drama, written in six frenetic weeks while being grounded by his worried father, lest the boy get himself arrested for his own involvement in the revolution of his time in 1830s Hessen, Danton’s Death was not only the first play to include verbatim original speeches of the French Revolution, but it sheds a harsh light on the individual’s role in historic upheaval, and how violence, once unleashed, will devour everything. Büchner´s language is at once direct to the point of bluntness, and also resplendent of poetic imagery and a sad tenderness in its dealings with imminent death of its protagonists, Georges Danton, his friends, and their loved ones.

Danton´s Death – Take 1 was a performance-on-book, to workshop the translation. A full production is in the offing.