Crossing the Line

by J. Thalia Cunningham
Performed: - 312 West 36th Street, NYC, Apr 13, 2014

Eugene, a young Navy vet, returns from duty deeply disturbed, even though he has not seen any action but was deployed in humanitarian service. He finds then quits a job, is increasingly violent to his wife, locks himself in the bathroom for hours.

Written by a doctor with years of experience in a VA hospital, Crossing the Line shines a disturbing light on time-honored rituals within the Navy, which have gotten increasingly violent, involving beatings, sexual humiliation and rape. Not only war now traumatizes our soldiers, we are doing damage to our own.

A necessary piece, in development.

Sundays@6 at theĀ WorkShop Theater Company.


Eugene Freer: Ben Sumrall

Emily Freer: Stacy Ann Strang

Joe: Aaron David Kaplan

Kevin West, “Spike”: C.K. Allen

Psychiatrist/Naval-Officer-in-Charge: Charles E. Gerber