Clown Alley

by Gino diLorio
Performed: - 132 West End Avenue, Long Branch, NJ , Sep 22, 2018

When the Circus comes to Town
Westend Festival of the Arts Theatre Brut, Music, Art, Photography

Spanning two weekends  of Short Plays, each program featuring 4 plays performed 4 times back to back with a rotating audience, followed by live music and refreshments. This is my second year participating. Alas, we only had a photographer for our evening round, Clown Alley, though Michael Tucker’s play Zazú, will live in memory.

Zazú by Michael Tucker
A side-show performer would like to get out of Oddball Alley and move into the big-tent as a trapeze artist – there is just one problem …
Zazú: Tina Stafford*
Norman: Andy Paterson*

Clown Alley by Gino diLorio
Phinny and Adeline are circus lifers. But as their circus life comes to an end, what’s next in store for them … and was it all worth it?
Phinneas: James B. Kennedy
Adeline: Stella Pulo*
* member of AEA

Photography: Andrea Phox