Atalanta K.O.

by D. L. Siegel
Performed: - 520 Eighth Avenue, New York, May 11, 2019

Atalanta is a fearsome amateur boxer, hungry for a professional career. Abandoned at birth, Atalanta trusts no one save her faithful trainer, Samir. But when she goes head-to-head with Cal Donovan, aka “The Boar of Bushwick,” in a highly publicized fight, Atalanta attracts the attention of her long-absent father who will stop at nothing to get her back. As Atalanta rises to fame, she must confront the vulnerable girl who still exists underneath the cover of violence. Inspired by an ancient Greek myth and set against the background of modern-day Astoria. Atalanta K.O. is the story of one woman’s struggle to be the heroine she was destined to be.

Reading for the New Works Finalist Festial of Multistages.

Atalanta – Lillian Isabella*
Samir – Fidel Vicioso*
Nicholas – Stewart Walker*
Kassi – Malka Wallick*
Cal/Chorus - Gjermund Gjesme
Chorus – Sophie Sorensen
Chorus – Lawryn Lacroix
Chorus – Almir Kurtic
Stage Directions – Rosalynn Lee

Stage Management - Jessica V. Urtecho*

* courtesy of AEA
+ member of SDC